Podcast Points ($PP) is a point system that operates independently for each program, aiming to shorten the distance between creators and listeners.

I. What is $PP to a creator?

  1. Reinforce brand engagement.

  2. Expand revenue streams.

II. What is $PP to a listener?

  1. Redeem $PP for Rewards on favorite shows.

  2. Express your level of support for the show.

III. Exchange of $PP

  1. 1 USD = 1 $PP

IV. The ways to get $PP

  1. Purchase

    • For every product (NFT, physical peripheral) purchased through the Mindtrix platform, the system will automatically deposit 1 $PP for every USD 1 in the price. The transaction result will display $PP. For example, you will get 20 $PP if you buy a 20 USD NFT.

  2. Bonus

Donation TypeBonus Formula


  1. Users will get an extra 10 $PP for the first donation.

Episode Donation

  1. Accumulated every 5 episodes, the bonus is 1.2 times.

Project Donation

  1. The Project Donation bonus is 1.2 times.

  2. For every 2 items accumulated, the bonus is 1.2 times.

  3. For example, if 2 projects cost you 20USD, you will get 20*1.2*1.2=28.8 $PP

V. What can $PP redeem?

  1. Redeem podcast NFT rare components of the show, and send email notifications to collectors.

  2. Redeem the podcast achievement NFT of the show, and mount it in your own (listeners, collectors) booth system.

  3. Redeem program empowerment rewards, such as online divination and offline dinner parties, and send email notifications to creators.

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