Drop Phases

Mindtrix adopts four phases for dropping Pack NFTs
Four Drop Phases

I. Allowlist 📄

Discord Invite Competition (End)
Everyone can participate in the "Discord Invite Competition" and get the allowlist qualification for a Pack NFT.
Tongue Twister Challenge (Live)
Everyone can participate in the "Tongue Twister Challenge". Completing the activity, you can get POAP NFT. After solving the puzzle, you can participate in the Pack NFT allowlist lottery.

II. Public Sale 📢

  • Packs are available to everyone and can be paid by credit card or cryptocurrency for USD 33 each.
  • There are six kinds of Packs, and a wallet address can purchase up to three, but the kinds cannot be repeated.
  • The Public Sale will be conducted in rounds. The first-round available pack supply will be announced.
  • Utility details will not be announced at this stage.
  • Pack holders at this stage can participate in the "Fate Vote."

III. Utility Reveal 🪫

  • The sales model in the public sale stage will continue, but Mindtrix will reveal the utilities of the six packs. After that, the sales price of each will increase.
  • Pack holders at this stage can participate in the "Fate Vote."

IV. Pack Opening 📦

  • It will take at least three days for the Mindtrix team to implement the "Pack Fair Distribution."
  • Pack holders can unpack on the Mindtrix website to get a cute Otter NFT with unique accessories.
  • Unpacking is optional, so pack holders can decide not to open the pack and hold it or sell it on the secondary market.