Values of Otter NFT

Interactive 3D digital identity

As the exclusive digital identity of the social platform

You can post Otter NFT to Meta and Instagram as your unique digital identity on social media.

Create an interactive VTuber brand

Mindtrix designed a 3D movable skeleton for each Otter NFT, allowing Otter NFT holders to receive a .vrm file and motion capture to create an interactive VTuber brand. Not just a PFP.

Generate Audio Avatar NFT

By holding Otter NFT, you may let Otter speak for you on the Mindtrix platform and mint it into an Audio Avatar NFT collection in the future.

Reorganize equipment to improve digital identity recognition

Each Otter NFT has eight equipment attributes: Color, Headgear, Face, Gloves, Offhand, Body, Backpack, and Background. In the future, you can exchange Accessory NFT through the secondary market or upgrade your Accessory NFT equipment through the Mindtrix platform to create your digital identity.

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