Platform Technology

Mindtrix adopts Cadence Smart Contract based on Flow Blockchain to make a friendly user experience of minting or collecting an NFT.

Why use Flow Blockchain?

More Secure Transactions

Cadence is a resource-oriented smart contract programming language on Flow that :

  • Hackers are harder to attack a smart contract because the Cadence provides access controls and pre-post conditions for every function.

  • You will never receive a spam token unwittingly without your authorization of those token contracts.

Lower Gas Fees

More solid NFTs

  • The team behind Flow is Dapper Labs. They established leading NFT projects, such as NBA Topshot and CryptoKitties, the first project craze that slowed down transactions on Ethereum. Therefore, they know how to make a blockchain fluent.

  • An enthusiastic community on Flow. They concentrate on NFT contract standards to establish a more mature crypto ecosystem. After all, who wants to READ CODES to ensure their transactions' safety?

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