Why should I publish a Digital creation NFT on Mindtrix?
  1. Increase the exposure of the Podcast brand. Mindtrix has the largest fan base that loves creative creations. It is easier for more people to see and collect the crystallization of their creations.

  2. Increase Podcast revenue. The higher the liquidity of the NFT you list, the original creator can get a certain percentage of profit each time it is resold so that the benefit is more stable and the creation can survive.

Why don't I see my creations on Marketplace?

If you use episode donation and project donation, it will not be displayed on the Marketplace.

Blockchain technology is still very innovative, so there will be occasional delays. Please refresh the page again.

3.Can my blockchain wallet be replaced?

Please note that the blockchain wallet can only be bound once, because this wallet will record your uploaded digital creations and creation income, please decide carefully.

If you don't know what a blockchain wallet is? Please visit the Dapper wallet for more information.

4.Didn't receive a verification letter?

You can click on the verification page to resend the verification letter. If you still do not receive the verification letter after multiple clicks, please confirm

  1. This RSS link is owned by you because the verification letter will be sent to the email account established by your RSS.

  2. Please confirm whether there is a verification letter in the spam email because some emails will be misclassified as spam.

  3. Please contact Mindtrix discord official. We will assist you as soon as possible. "

5.Why don't I see the latest episodes on donation page?

If you just created a new episode, please wait for 5~10 minutes before releasing the latest single because it will take some time to update the RSS link information.

Thank you.

6.Can the platform password be changed?

Yes, please go to the dashboard settings page to change.

In addition, the platform password is very important and will be related to your listing of digital creations and changes to digital creations. Please keep them properly and update them regularly.

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