Values of Collectors

Use NFT as the value of sound knowledge to obtain traffic and creative funds.

The extension of NFT files creates brand long-tail value

Just like vinyl records in real life will undergo qualitative changes over time, NFT, as a new type of digital file format, will be able to create exclusive, interesting NFT collection experience, for example: Audio Essence NFT released by the history channel on a specific anniversary, the NFT will be upgraded to incorporate the visual elements of the anniversary.

Wallet empowers creators with proactive marketing

Different from the traditional way of sending EDM to users for passive viewing, Wallet is a digital asset management tool. Creators can directly create NFTs with valuable digits, distribute them to user wallets through airdrops, and generate timeliness. For example: Airdrop a limited-time free minting of Audio Essence NFT vouchers to first-time listeners.

NFT strengthens fan marketing

In the past, creators could only look at user through background data. However, with NFT and blockchain technology, any supporting behavior will be permanently stored on the chain, which means that creators can use the Mindtrix platform to track, screen the support behaviors of individual users and give corresponding rewards, for example: invite those wallet users who have collected your Audio Essence NFT from the first episode and hold it to the present, to participate in your exclusive offline party or mark in the digital booth them.

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