Podcast NFT

Why use USD & FLOW tokens for Donation?
  • USD is a more convenient way to donation, you can complete donation directly through credit card.

  • FLOW is a token used to donate to creators and a way to symbolize the support of creators in the digital world, and you will leave proof of podcast support in the world of blockchain.

Where will Donation rewards save?

Donation rewards will be stored in your digital wallet, we recommend using Blocto wallet. You can also go to the Mindtrix marketplace to interact with your rewards.

What can Donation rewards be used for?

It is an NFT of Donation proof for the creator episodes, It is a 3D digital collectible and can play an episode of content, presented as a 3D digital waveform and you can:

  1. Post your Donation reward on Instagram. Details can be found on Instagram. Currently, Donation rewards require you to transfer rewards from the Blocto wallet to the Dapper wallet in order to post.

  2. Collect creations, and you will be able to interact with creators more in the future.

  3. Donation rewards are sold in the secondary market.

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