Mindtrix colors have four color systems: Primary, Secondary, Basic, and Notice. We split the color into nine levels and used RGB and Hex color codes to display, which is convenient for designers and engineers to communicate in development.

Primary color

Mindtrix chooses Pantone Color of the Year 2022- Very Peri purple style, divided into nine color levels. The purple combines blue and purple, which symbolizes the integration of physical and virtual life in a new way. It expands your definition of life, welcomes the dynamic web3 world, and explores new possibilities. Mindtrix believes that such a concept aligns with the spirit of our products.

Secondary color

The best way to catch the user's eyes is to use contrast to present. For the secondary color system, we recommend using the contrasting color of the primary color to communicate. Mindtrix chooses sunflower yellow tones so that users can identify and use web3 products.

Basic color

Black, gray and white tones are the basis of the product, allowing users to read and browse information comfortably.

Functional color

Functional colors correspond to the status of interface: links, success, reminder, error. Mindtrix design system focuses on the reminder and error, because the product should allow users to know exactly when to be particularly vigilan, and it should be easy to troubleshoot problems. We use red tones, red has the effect of reminding and making mistakes in daily life experience, and can deepen the user's impression when used in products. Statuses such as success and links will be used with reference to primary and secondary colors.

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