Pack NFT

How to buy a Pack NFT?

Go to the Mindtrix Verse website and choose one of the six landing landmarks to purchase the Pack NFT.

What are the six landing landmarks?
  1. Echo Cliff

  2. Bush Village

  3. Green Bazaar

  4. Mimir Swamp

  5. Kabbalah Sacred Trees

  6. Podment Temple

Is there any quantity limitation on buying Pack NFTs?

Yes, there are two:

  1. An account can buy only one pack from each landmark.

  2. An account can buy up to three packs from different landmarks.

What's the Pack NFT Deflation?

A mechanism to enhance Pack NFT rarity. Every three days, Pack NFT holders can vote in the Mindtrix Discord to decrease the total number of a Pack NFT from one landmark, making the Pack NFT more rare. There will be seven votes, which is a 21-day event period.

When to reveal Pack NFT?

The period for selling Pack NFTs is 21 days, so you have to wait up to 3 weeks before revealing Pack NFTs on the Mindtrix website.

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